McCarthy blasts last night’s football violence and says we need laws to tackle it here

Alliance Culture Arts and Leisure Kieran McCarthy MLA has condemned those involved in violence before the St Pats – Linfield match in Dublin last night, stating that we need laws similar to the football offences act here to crack down on hooliganism. The Alliance Party raised the matter in the Assembly last September, and he has again demanded progress on the issue.

Kieran McCarthy said: “I am totally disgusted at these hooligans. We need to get the thugs off the terraces for once and for all. Last week I said that Northern Ireland must not be allowed to become a hooligan’s paradise. After last night’s disgraceful scenes in Dublin, my fears are greatly increased.

“I know that we couldn’t have had an impact on last night’s events as they took place in another jurisdiction, but we need anti-hooliganism laws implemented here urgently.

“Northern Ireland does not have football offences-style laws, similar to those which exist elsewhere in the UK, so we have no protection against hooliganism and prejudice in sports grounds.”

“Last night should act as a wake up call to the Northern Ireland Office whose remit such laws would fall into.

“Alliance has been pushing for the creation of such laws for years and we brought the matter to the Assembly last September. There is nothing stopping these laws from being created, so lets see them now”


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