Lo hails launch of book calling for end to segregation

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has welcomed the publication of a book underlining that there can be no economic growth unless the Executive creates shared future and ends segregation. The book, by Tony Carson and Cy Jamison called ‘Integrate to Accumulate’ will be launched today at The Bookshop at Queens University. Anna Lo questioned how the Executive can be so committed to boosting business but are so afraid of removing a key barrier to attracting more international investment, segregation.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I welcome the publication of this book and hope the Executive take heed of its contents. Despite the Executive making the economy their main objective, we will not see substantial economic growth if they do not create a shared future.

“More and more people are realising every day that in order to transform this society we need to remove the barriers of division.

“We will not be able to maximise our economic potential if we are still living in a divided society. The Deloitte report looking into the cost of division said that there was £1 billion wasted on maintaining segregation. But so far, the Executive has virtually ignored this report and is only concentrating on reaching unambitious 3% efficiency saving across departments, something that all departments in the UK are doing anyway.

“The Executive needs to start thinking strategically and realise that ending segregation will make Northern Ireland a far more marketable area. How can the Executive be so committed to boosting business, but are so afraid of removing the main barrier to attracting more international investment?

“The billion pounds that is wasted on maintaining a divided society every year the tip of the iceberg. Northern Ireland has missed out on massive economic opportunities down the years because of segregation. The Executive must learn these lessons, and learn them quickly.”


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