McCarthy blasts Ards unionists for interfering in Down Council business

Alliance Strangford Assembly Member, Kieran McCarthy, has condemned unionists on Ards Council for interfering in the business of Down Council. At last night’s meeting of Ards Council, Kieran McCarthy rebuked unionists for tabling a motion against Down Council’s plan to build a new administrative office.

The Ards Councillor stated: “It is absolutely unacceptable that unionists in Ards are trying to interfere in the business of another council. Ards unionists should not be sticking their noses into Down Council’s business.

“This may be a case of jealousy on the part of Ards Unionists. As far as we know, Down Council proposed this new office block years ago.

“Unionists in Ards Council should be focussing on providing value for money services to local ratepayers instead of meddling in the affairs of Down Council.

“If the plans proposed within the Review of Public Administration come to fruition, Ards will be amalgamated with Castlereagh, North Down and Down Council. Therefore unionists should be trying to build good relations with neighbouring councils instead of picking fights with Down Council.

Cllr Kieran McCarthy MLA concluded: “If other councils got involved in our business, I am sure Ards unionists would be up-in-arms. Unionists should stop interfering and stop wasting valuable council time, instead they should concentrate on improving services for local people.”


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