McCarthy annoyed at lack of progress on hospital hygiene

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has underlined his annoyance at news that some hospitals still do not meet adequate hygiene standards and said that the Minister Michael McGimpsey must take responsibility and rectify the situation immediately. His comments come as the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority called for a ‘culture change’ on hospital hygiene.

The Opposition MLA said: “The Minister has acted to try and stop hospital superbugs, but his efforts are obviously not working. Northern Ireland needs hospitals that the public can have total confidence in, and if the Minister cannot deliver them then he must take responsibility for this failure.

“Our healthcare staff to an excellent job under tough circumstances but they need more support from the Minister, and the buck stops with him.

“Today’s news proves that the RQIA are doing their work effectively. It is of paramount importance that inspection visits are unannounced so that inspectors can get an accurate picture of the hygiene situation at hospitals in question.”


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