Martin congratulates GCSE students on their successes

Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin has extended his congratulations to all students receiving their GCSE results today.

Stephen Martin said: “Today marks the end of an era for thousands of young people and the beginning of a new world of opportunities as people take up employment, embark on the next stage of their academic studies or move on to vocational training.

“All young people receiving their grades should be proud of all the hard work that they have put in and congratulated for their results. Congratulations must also go to teachers and parents, without whom the achievements of our students would not have been possible. While results are important, school is only a gateway to further development. Everyone has unique talents and regardless of whether or not, a young person has done well academically, we should be encouraging students to take a breath, reflect on what they have achieved so far and give due consideration to their next steps.”

The Alliance Youth Chair concluded: “Northern Ireland has yet again excelled in its GSCE results but we must continue to tackle the issues surrounding student attainment, notably the lack of resources in the vocational sector. The Stormont Executive must also ensure that no students miss out on opportunities because they can not afford to continue their studies.”


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