McAllister: Unionist no show is unacceptable

Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said it’s ‘extremely disappointing’ no Unionists will be represented at a City Hall dinner marking the Easter Rising on Friday night.

The dinner is set to go ahead, despite Irish President Michael D Higgins pulling out of the event after a DUP-led boycott ensured no Unionists would be attending.

Councillor Nuala McAllister said: “It is extremely disappointing but not surprising that Unionist representatives are again failing to represent everyone in Belfast.

“When it comes to commemorating events, the Council has had a long-standing plan in place – which this dinner was part of – starting with the Ulster Covenant in 2012 and finishing with the Battle of the Somme later this year.

“All parties were represented at the dinner to mark the Ulster Covenant, yet when it comes to the Easter Rising the DUP were quick to lead the charge against it – first questioning the cost and then pulling out all together.

“It is extremely disappointing that what turned into an all-party approach to the decade of centenaries that was respectful to all traditions has descended into divisive tit-for-tat politics.”

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