McAllister: City Hall plans to celebrate the LGBT community move ahead

Plans for a stained glass window to celebrate Belfast’s LGBT community has moved closer reality, Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said, after the next step in the process was confirmed on Friday morning.

The North Belfast Councillor – and next Lord Mayor of Belfast – welcomed the steps being taking to consult a wide-range of people, including Councillors from other parties, representatives from the LGBT sector and the initial proposer Councillor Mary Ellen Campbell, the first openly gay Deputy Mayor.

“I’m delighted to see this project move speedily along, with steps being taken to set up a group specifically to consult and produce recommendations on installing the window in Belfast City Hall,” She said.

“Belfast is a city for everyone and this window not only lets us promote the positive role the LGBT community has played and continues to play across Belfast, but showcases Belfast City Council’s role as an promoter of inclusivity and diversity.

“As the Alliance Party’s deputy group leader in City Hall I highlighted the need to move this process along quickly and I look forward to working with others to advance this window project rapidly and efficiently and I hope it will be unveiled during my time as Lord Mayor.”

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