McAllister appalled by attacks on Polish family’s home in North Belfast

Alliance Belfast Castle representative, Nuala McAllister, has condemned those responsible for a number of attacks on a Polish family’s home in the Mount Vernon area of North Belfast. The family say they may leave their home as a result of the attacks. Bricks were thrown through their windows on Monday morning. Their car was set on fire last week.

Nuala McAllister said: “I am appalled that these attacks have taken place. There can be no justification for targeting this family. People should be able to live in their own home without the fear of being attacked.

“My thoughts go out to this family. The vast majority of the public have welcomed people from different backgrounds. It is sad that a small minority is forcing this family out of their home.

“We must take action to challenge the views of those behind these attacks. The Executive must introduce new policies to improve community relations and to tackle all forms of hate crimes.

“If anybody has any information about these attacks then I would urge them to contact the Police.”


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