Mayor slams Whiteabbey Hospital closing times

Newtownabbey Mayor Lynn Frazer has again stated that the restricted opening times at Whiteabbey Hospital are unacceptable, as they come into force this week meaning services will close at 5pm. She said politicians would continue to work to overturn the decision.

Speaking on BBC Radio Ulster, the Alliance representative stated: “These restrictions at Whiteabbey do not have community support and there is additional concern about out-of-hours ambulance provision.

“We have been assured that the NI Ambulance Service would be prepared to improve local ambulance provision, but this would require additional employment and therefore additional resources.

“I accept it is difficult to secure additional resources currently, but will continue to press the Minister to see where they might come from.

“Having worked in hospitals myself, the risk about Whiteabbey’s opening times has been discussed for decades. I will continue to work with colleagues to ensure people’s lives are not endangered by the restricted opening times, and to ensure ambulance provision is the maximum it can be.”


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