Mask slips on SDLP sectarianism – Farry

North Down Alliance Assembly Member, Stephen Farry, has accused the SDLP of sectarianism in describing David Ford as a unionist.

Stephen Farry MLA said: “In arguing that if Alliance takes the Justice Minister post there will be another unionist on the Executive, Alex Attwood exposes the SDLP’s sectarian attitude.

“It seems in the SDLP universe everyone must be part of either the orange or the green tribe. The concept that some people may chose to define themselves differently seems to be beyond the SDLP.

“Pigeon-holing people is the absolute essence of prejudice. The SDLP’s talk on a shared future seems little more than rhetoric if they cannot grasp the dangers of what they are doing.

“Alliance is neither a unionist nor a nationalist party. We work for everyone and we prioritise delivering on the real issues that concern everyone, unlike the other big parties here.

“The UUP and SDLP are the new partners in grumpiness and they are alienating their supporters more and more every day. Reg Empey has said David Ford cannot be in government because he is not a unionist, and we have the SDLP saying that David cannot be Justice Minister because he is a unionist. What a crazy situation.”


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