Farry endorses policy focus of Platform for Change

North Down Alliance Assembly Member, Stephen Farry, has endorsed the Platform for Change initiative launched today but cautioned that the initiative is best regarded as re-energising the political debate on policy instead of any basis for any realignment of politics.

Stephen Farry MLA said: “I am pleased to give my support to the Platform for Change initiative, its analysis of our current problems, and its policy solutions. It is consistent with the longstanding approach and thinking of the Alliance Party.

“In the context of under-performance by the devolved institutions, the talk of unionist pacts and a renewed focus on the pursuit of Irish unity, the focus must return to promoting partnership, creating a shared future, and moving the terms of the political debate to policy.

“Civic society is an important aspect of any normal democracy. There is a role in terms of both challenging and engaging with and through political parties. It is now over to all of the political parties to respond to what has been proposed so far.

“This initiative should not be regarded as the basis for some future realignment of politics in Northern Ireland . We are in a very fluid political situation, with the so-called moderates in both unionism and nationalism playing negative and disruptive roles and engaging in fierce intra-communal competition over who is the better defender of tribal interests. Instead, this initiative should be regarded as re-energising the political debate.”


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