Martin urges young people to back Dr Kumar Kamble

Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin has hailed Dr Kumar Kamble as the best candidate to deliver for young people in the Enniskillen by-election being held this Wednesday, 17th September 2008.

Stephen Martin commented: “We need trail-blazers such as Dr Kumar Kamble involved in our civic society to take tough decisions and tackle the problems that face people in Northern Ireland public life. Dr Kumar Kamble has shown leadership in taking a stand for the people of Enniskillen in this by-election, representing a better way by bringing people together to deliver on the issues that matter most. He has fresh ideas on how to create jobs, tackle the chronic shortages in integrated social housing, and provide improved infrastructure in the West.

“Alliance stands for the genuinely shared future that all our young people deserve to inherit. Dr Kumar Kamble is a champion for all those who wish to see an end to tired tribal politics. Once again, this by-election has showed the Executive parties fighting each other in a game of partisan brinkmanship while ordinary people struggle with the consequences of a divided society, rising food, fuel and transport costs, and uncertainty in the job market. Electing Kumar would send out a message that the ‘do nothing’ Stormont Executive needs to get its act together. He will ensure that young people voices’ will be heard loud and clear on Fermanagh District Council on these and many other issues that directly affect their lives.”


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