Alliance calls for meeting with UUP on ending segregation

Trevor Lunn MLA has stated that the Alliance Party has requested a meeting with the Ulster Unionist Party to discuss ending segregation and how to improve the health service.

The Lagan Valley MLA said: “We have requested a meeting with the Ulster Unionists to discuss the need to end segregation and the positive impact that such a move would have on resources for the health service.

“We want to see an end to the division that has beset our society because it will not only improve community relations, but also free-up much-needed cash that could be spent on frontline services.

“Segregation costs Northern Ireland at least £1 billion every year. The Executive can ill-afford to continue wasting this money given the Peter Robinson budget’s negative impact on our health service. We want to talk to the UUP, who hold the Health Ministry, about the massive benefits for this department in particular of ending division.

“Breaking down the barriers in our society will also boost our economy because a shared society is far more enticing for foreign investment than a fragmented community.

“We are planning to meet with the leadership of all the Executive Parties to get them to prioritize ending division. We are putting all our efforts into making this Executive deliver for local people and we will not settle for second best.”


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