Martin commends police on successful drugs raid in Lisburn

Lisburn Alliance South representative Stephen Martin hailed the efforts of the PSNI following yesterday’s searches of a number of properties in the Lisburn area in relation to an investigation into conspiracy to supply and money laundering offences.

Stephen Martin commented: “I understand that the police have searched a number of houses in Lisburn in which they seized sums of money and significant amounts of illegal drugs as part of an investigation into criminal activity. I am appalled at any anti-social element intent on making a living on the backs of those who have fallen into the dangerous and destructive cycle of drugs.

“Those who break the law and destroy lives and communities through their illegal activities must know that people stand full square with the PSNI in their efforts to rid society of their poisonous influence. In my work I see day and daily the devastating impact of drugs on those who find themselves within the criminal justice system and those who find themselves on the receiving end of criminality.”

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