LONG: Alliance will act on Transparency of Political Donations

East Belfast Alliance MP, Naomi Long, has expressed disappointment as the Order to extend anonymity to political donors in Northern Ireland formally passed through Westminster this evening; however, she said that from the next financial year Alliance would proceed to publish the information in line with the scheme annually on the Party website, as they remain committed to maximum transparency.

Naomi Long MP said, “It is disappointing that, despite challenging the Prime Minister on this issue a number of weeks ago, the Order has now passed through the House this evening which will extend anonymity for donors to NI political parties for a further two years.

“Northern Ireland is a transforming place and bringing us into line with other regions would have been a progressive step at this time. I believe that the people of Northern Ireland have the right to know which individuals or groups are significant funders of local parties. They can then judge for themselves whether or not this influences policy, as electors can do in every other part of the UK.

“Alliance is committed to openness and transparency and so we have agreed to publish, in line with the general publication scheme, all donations to the Party of £7,500 or more from the next financial year onwards. I would challenge other local Parties who are serious about openness and transparency to do likewise.”


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