Lyttle welcomes publication of IFA’s five year strategic plan

Alliance sports spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has attended the launch of the Irish Football Association’s strategic plan for 2013-18.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I was very pleased to attend the launch of the Irish Football Association’s five year strategic plan. The goals are ambitious but the plans they have outlined offer a clear roadmap to achieving them.

“It is good to see this strategy reaching out beyond football matches that take place in the Oval or Windsor Park, but recognise it as an opportunity to improve community relations and help develop football at a grassroots level.

“The IFA have been recognised for their excellent community relations work and I hope that this strategic plan will ensure that this work continues.

“I hope this plan will lay the foundation for the future success of football teams at an international, domestic and grassroots level.”


The foundations of the Association’s strategy are six long term objectives across three areas -International, Domestic and Grassroots:

· Qualify for a major tournament

· Deliver a National Stadium

· Foster a balanced, flourishing senior domestic game

· Create a healthy domestic game at all levels

· Reach beyond the game

· Build a culture of lifelong participation in football

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