Jones: PUP must make up its mind ahead of parade

Alliance Belfast Councillor Mervyn Jones has said the PUP must make up its mind where it stands on Saturday’s loyalist parade set to take place in Belfast City Centre.

The Belfast City Councillor was speaking after former PUP Leader – and East Belfast Councillor – John Kyle said the loyalist parade and protest planned for Saturday should not take place. He later retracted the comments, giving the event his full support.

Councillor Mervyn Jones said: “The PUP is clearly not united when it comes to Saturday’s parade. Councillor John Kyle was clear this morning that he did not think the parade should go ahead, but yet only a few hours later he seemed to have radically changed his position. I do wonder if he succumbed to pressure from within his Party.

“While everyone has the right to parade and protest, the timing of this parade is particularly worrying and there is still time for the organisers to change their plans.

“Councillor John Kyle clearly recognised the potential damage this weekend’s parade could do to traders in the city on one of the busiest Saturdays before Christmas. It is disappointing that he seemed to forget this so quickly.

“If this parade goes ahead, I would urge organisers to ensure restrictions outlined by the Parades Commission are upheld. Traders and local people need and expect this event to pass peacefully.”


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