Lyttle welcomes appointment of new Chief Constable

Alliance Policing Board member, Chris Lyttle MLA, has congratulated George Hamilton who has been appointed as the new Chief Constable of the PSNI. He will take over from Matt Baggott in September.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I would like to congratulate George Hamilton on his appointment as the next Chief Constable. The position has been described as one of the most difficult policing jobs in the UK, but I would like to wish him all the best in such a challenging role.

“I look forward to working closing with him on the Policing Board as we deal with a number of difficult issues such as protests, public disorder and the legacy of the past.

“I hope he will be able to continue Matt Baggott’s work to promote community policing and to reduce crime and the fear of crime.”


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