Armstrong disappointed by decision to examine Exploris closure before Executive feedback

Alliance Ards Councillor Kellie Armstrong says she hopes that Exploris will be kept open despite the Council agreeing to begin an equality impact assessment of its closure. The UUP put forward a motion at a meeting of the Council on 28th May to begin this process which will take up to 6 months and is part of the procedures to close the facility. Alliance had put forward an amendment to delay this process for another month but it was rejected.

Cllr Kellie Armstrong said: “I am very disappointed that the Council decided to begin the equality impact assessment that will lead to the closure of Exploris. It is a very disheartening day for all involved in the campaign to keep Exploris open. The decision to begin proceedings has taken place before the Executive has had time to consider the Ards Borough Council business case.

“Alliance attempted to delay this process for a month, but we were unsuccessful. It does not make sense for the Council to have made this decision the day before an Executive meeting.

“The Council has written to the Executive, urging them to take action. I hope that it will be discussed at Thursday’s meeting and that they will give their support to the business case that will ensure the long term sustainability of one of our main tourist attractions.”


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