Lyttle: UUP are cherry picking support for the rule of law

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Chris Lyttle, has responded to the UUP’s alternative to the Haass proposals by saying that they are cherry picking support for the rule of law.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “These proposals are a retreat into the trenches by the UUP. Instead of continuing to take part in meetings between party leaders on these issues, the UUP have published these proposals without a strategy on how to gain agreement on flags, parades and the past.

“Where else do they think these issues will be discussed apart from the meetings between party leaders? It is irresponsible for them to have walked away at the same time as saying they want these issues resolved.

“The UUP, like other parties, are cherry picking their support for the rule of law. The UUP want the ‘On the Run’ letters rescinded, yet they want to abolish the supergrass trials into loyalist paramilitaries. The DUP want Sinn Fein to apologise for republican paramilitaries, yet they have selected former loyalist paramilitary members to stand in the Local Government elections. Sinn Fein want to prosecute the soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday, yet they sought a secretive deal for ‘On The Runs’.

“Alliance has a consistent message that everyone must be treated equally under the rule of law through the courts.

“Despite attacking Alliance over our support for designated days, the UUP now appear to support it at Stormont and Council headquarters – apart from Belfast City Council. What has changed from them denouncing Alliance, for them now to be agreeing to something similar to our policy?”


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