Lyttle says we owe it to the public to deliver an ambitious shared future strategy

Alliance OFMDFM spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has said that we owe it the public to deliver an ambitious and challenging shared future strategy. His comments were made during an Alliance debate in the Assembly on the announcements by OFMDFM on their plans for a shared future.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “There is no bigger challenge than addressing the deep divisions in our society. We owe it to the public to deliver an ambitious and challenging shared future strategy.

“Nineteen years after the ceasefires of 1994, fifteen years after the Good Friday Agreement, eight years after the publication of the first ‘shared future’ strategy under Direct Rule, a meaningful, strategic approach to tackling our pervasive divisions has yet to be adopted into our devolved political structures.

“While OFMDFM did produce their Cohesion, Sharing and Integration strategy, it was widely criticised by those who responded to the consultation. We initially took part in the working group, however it became clear that it would fail to address major issues. We could not take part in a process that would only appeal to the lowest common denominator.

“We want to see a genuine and comprehensive shared future strategy which is why published our ‘For Everyone’ document and called on the Executive to adopt our proposals.

“The First Minister does now appear to have accepted the Alliance Party position that the previous closed OFMdFM working group was inadequate and that any working group set up to adequately address these issues should have an independent chair and include members of the wider society with relevant expertise.

“Maintaining the cost of division is no longer sustainable. We have to take action across all sections of our society throughout Northern Ireland.

“We are at a crossroads; do we want to manage division or transform this society into a truly united community and prosperous economic for everyone?”


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