Lyttle says teacher retirement scheme wrong approach

Alliance Education spokesperson Chris Lyttle has said a controversial scheme to replace early retiring teachers is the wrong approach to reform of the teaching system here.

Education Minister Peter Weir today announced the start of a scheme for academic year 2016/17 which will see teachers aged over 55 retire early and be replaced by those who have qualified since 2012.

However, Mr Lyttle said it was potentially an unfair arrangement.

“The DUP has previously expressed concern about this proposal, so for their Minister to now introduce it with minimal change is puzzling to say the least. It is unacceptable such change has been introduced without any statement or notice to the Assembly. It is an approach being employed by the new Executive with concerning regularity.

“By allowing only those who have qualified since 2012 to replace retiring teachers, the scheme is potentially discriminatory and fails to help other graduates still yet to secure permanent employment.

“The Education Minister must instead address the underlying problem that we are failing to match the supply of teachers to demand and training too many teachers as a result.

“This flawed approach is symptomatic of an Executive which continues to waste and duplicate public finances rather than taking difficult decisions in the interest of teaching students and the common good.”

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