Lyttle says it is important to remember Bombardier ruling only preliminary

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle has said it is important to remember the US Department of Commerce proposal to impose tariffs on the Bombardier C-Series jet is a preliminary ruling.

Mr Lyttle said a final decision on the application or removal of these tariffs would not be taken for a number of months and the UK, US and Canadian Governments must focus their effort to resolve this “profoundly serious” issue.

He added Alliance representatives would also spend the time continuing to work with the highest levels of the respective Governments to achieve a fair outcome and to protect Bombardier jobs.

“This was an astounding ruling but it is important to remember it is only preliminary. The US International Trade Commission must now find as Boeing did not compete for the Delta contract awarded to Bombardier C Series and does not serve this market, no injury has occurred.

“I have constituents, friends and family employed by Bombardier and I am acutely aware of the concern that exists amongst staff. Alliance has already engaged on this issue with the most senior levels of the UK, US and Canadian Governments and we will continue to do so, to work to achieve a fair outcome and protect the thousands of jobs in our aerospace manufacturing sector and economy.

“This ruling could have severe implication not only for jobs in NI but for international trade with the United States, particularly in the aerospace sector. I welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to work with Bombardier to protect jobs there and our wider economy, and I would urge others to unite in order to do the same. That voice would of course be enhanced by a functioning Executive.”

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