Lunn says new anti-paramilitarism strategy needs commitment from all parties to work

Alliance Justice spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said a new joint taskforce to tackle paramilitary crime needs an unambiguous commitment from all parties to make it work.

Mr Lunn was speaking after the announcement of the plans, which were set out in the Fresh Start Agreement two years ago. The team will be led by the PSNI and include officers from the NCA and others.

“This is a positive development but in order for it to work effectively, we need to see an unambiguous commitment from all political parties to back it and not just deliver meaningless platitudes with vague targets,” said Mr Lunn.

“There is a need for a robust anti-paramilitarism strategy from a functioning Executive. Paramilitaries still retain a grip on many communities across Northern Ireland and in many areas, the identity of those involved is widely known. I would hope this taskforce uses all the tools at its disposal, including investigating financial dealings.

“Alliance has been at the forefront in calling for a coherent strategy. We will continue to do so until the poison of paramilitarism is removed from our society.”

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