Lyttle says financial pressures in education reason for swift return of Executive

Alliance Education spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has said the news the education sector was facing ‘cost pressures’ of more than £100 million in the forthcoming year is reason alone for the return of a functioning Executive.

Mr Lyttle was speaking after the warning came in a letter from a senior civil servant at the Department of Education, who stated the Department had £24 million less to spend than the previous academic year.

“The alarm bells have been ringing in this sector for some time, so this news is unfortunately not much of a surprise,” he said.

“I recently met with senior civil servants to discuss this developing crisis and to seek assurances about financial investment in education. This concerning news shows the direct impact a lack of a functioning Executive and a Minister being held to account is having on our young people’s education.

“This news comes as a further blow to the education sector, with the recent pressures put on the Curriculum Sports Programme also serving as a warning.”

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