Lyttle says educational progression should not be based on one-off test

Alliance Education spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has said educational progression should not be based on a one-off test at ages 10 and 11, after proposals for a common transfer test were agreed.

The Post-Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC) and Association of Quality Education (AQE) have agreed the proposals, which will now be subject to a consultation. The two organisations have run the two separate tests since the 11 Plus was ended in 2008.

“Academic selection for post primary transfer at 10 and 11 is a flawed and exclusionary approach to education,” said Mr Lyttle.

“The refusal of former Education Ministers to introduce a more fair and appropriate post-primary transfer process is a rejection of mounting evidence linking educational disadvantage and academic selection.

“The Assembly Education Committee accepted an Alliance proposal for an open and inclusive inquiry into post-primary transfer, however, like so many important matters, this has now been put on hold due to the collapse of the DUP-Sinn Féin Executive.

“Whilst I accept one set of tests will simplify an unfair, often distressing and confusing process for schools, parents and pupils, educational progression should be based on the development of the individual talent, ability and personality of a pupil to their full potential – not a one-off high-stakes test at such an early age.”

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