Lyttle: Nothing will stop Alliance delivering real change for everyone in Northern Ireland

Chris Lyttle MLA has said nothing will stand in the way of Alliance working effectively for all constituents across Northern Ireland.

The local MLA was speaking in the Assembly on Monday morning, following a weekend of violence which included a petrol bomb attack on his constituency office in East Belfast.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “The escalation of violent attacks over the past few weeks and months must be universally condemned and all elected representatives must reflect full support for the rule of law in their actions and language.

“The attack on the office I share with Naomi Long MP and Judith Cochrane MLA is the latest in a targeted campaign against the Alliance Party and an attack on democracy.

“I commend the response from the PSNI, whose officers put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Anyone harbouring those involved in recent attacks needs to realise that until they are taken off the streets anyone’s family members or friends could be the next target.

“Alliance was founded to stand against division and to bring an end to tribal politics. It will take much more than recent attacks to stop us delivering real change for everyone in Northern Ireland.”

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