Lyttle launches Thalidomide Trust art exhibition at Stormont

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Chris Lyttle, has launched an exhibition in Stormont showcasing artwork from the beneficiaries of the Thalidomide Trust.

Thalidomide was a drug that was marketed in the 1950s as a cure for morning sickness before it was linked to birth defects and withdrawn from sale. The Thalidomide Children’s Trust was established in 1973 with the objective of supporting the people with disabilities caused by the drug. There are around 500 beneficiaries of the Trust in the UK, with 18 in Northern Ireland.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “It was a privilege to sponsor this art exhibition by the Thalidomide Trust. They have led an inspirational campaign and I would like to pay tribute to all those involved.

“Art has the ability to inspire people into action and I am pleased that this exhibition will last until Friday 7th February. Stormont is a fitting location to showcase the artwork and I would encourage every Assembly Member to visit the exhibition in the Long Gallery.

“While the drug was withdrawn over 50 years ago, people are still living with its effects today. It is important that we continue to highlight their campaign as they seek justice from the drug’s manufacturer Grunenthal.

“It is important that the Health Department continues to work with the Trust as people face new health challenges as they grow older. The Health Minister has already committed his Department to further payments to the Thalidomide Trust and I hope these two organisations will continue to have a positive relationship.”


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