Ford comments on Executive decision

The Executive decided today that David Ford should conclude the current process to determine the minimum criteria to be used when selecting a Chief Constable, but that the final decision and the timing of its implementation must be taken by the Executive.

David Ford said: “I went to the Executive today to set out the facts -about my powers, about the process that I have undertaken, and about the reasons for my decision.

“The reality is that I have not interfered in the role of the Policing Board – I have enhanced it. I have consulted deeper and wider than I was required to do. I have tackled an issue of potential inequality, on the advice of the Equality Commission.

“I will now continue down the road that I have embarked on. For whatever reasons, and I fear they are only political reasons, the DUP and Sinn Fein have determined that I must bring my final decision to the Executive for it to consider. I will do so. But I trust that the Executive will recognise that it is the right decision, and that I was right to make it.

“The Executive must ensure that it does not allow politics to be dragged into the recruitment of a Chief Constable, nor the role of a Justice Minister.”


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