Lyttle hosts East Belfast Cross Community Youth Football Team at Stormont

East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle hosted a cross-community football match between a side comprising Ballymac and Doyle youth clubsagainst a team of MLAs at thePlayball facility at Stormont, to help recognise and support the ongoing work to eliminatesectarian trouble in the local area.

Chris Lyttle said “It was a great day for everyone who took part but it isalso important not to forget the reason behind these two clubs comingtogether in the first place.

“These young people come together to play football andforget about outside influences, and they deserve praise for that. On the pitchthese guys aren’t Protestant or Catholic, unionist or nationalist but ratherteam-mates striving to win a game of football.

“The fact they came together to play the MLAs is proof ofthe good work being done by youth leaders in the area. I amhopeful that others will be able to take the example of these young players andcome together to ensure we see no repeat of the violence previously seen inEast Belfast.”

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