Lyttle – Health Department must provide best form of elderly care

Alliance East Belfast representative Chris Lyttle has said that the Department of Health must look at a range of measures to ensure that elderly residents get the care they require.

Chris Lyttle said: “The Health Department, like all Departments, has had to make savings but it will still have to provide care for our elderly residents. Unfortunately Michael McGimpsey refused to take this issue seriously and instead of ensuring that services were provided in a more cost efficient way he took to grand standing.

“Money could be saved by allowing the elderly to stay in their own homes for as long as possible by providing domiciliary care. It costs much less than residential care and it is the service that many want as they would prefer to be in the surroundings of their own home.

“We need a Health Service that listens to the wishes of elderly residents and provides care in a manner that suits then.”


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