Lo calls for fuel duty saving to be passed onto customers

Alliance Regional Development spokesperson Anna Lo has called on retailers to pass on the savings on fuel duty announced in the budget last week. Fuel prices should have been reduced by 1p but research by the Consumer Council showed that unleaded had only dropped by 0.75p on average and diesel by 0.5p on average.

Anna Lo said: “Road users are already struggling with rising fuel prices and while a 1p drop would not have solved the problem, it would have at least helped.

“Many people are frustrated about how expensive it is to fill up their car and are concerned at the lack of transparency at how fuel prices are decided given that they were meant to drop by 1p but haven’t.

“The high prices of fuel over recent years have been due to international events and recent trouble in the Middle East shows the need for fuel security. We must improve our renewable energy sector to provide some stability in prices. This would also be good in terms of investing in jobs as well as being beneficial for the environment.”


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