Lyttle encourages young people to vote in youth elections

Alliance Children and Young People spokesperson, Chris Lyttle MLA, has encouraged young people to vote in the Northern Ireland Youth Congress and UK Youth Parliament elections. Young people aged between 11- 18 will be able to vote by visiting

Chris Lyttle MLA said:”I think it is vitally important that we get more young people involved in politics and to encourage them to vote. By voting, you are determining future decisions on issues such as University fees, tax rates and our health system.

“I think the UK Youth Parliament and the Northern Ireland Youth Congress are fantastic initiatives and I would encourage all young people aged 11-18 to vote in the youth elections.

“While the UK Youth Parliament is well established, I hope that the Northern Ireland Youth Congress will pave the way for a Youth Assembly.

“I also believe that we should be lowering the voting age to 16, to increase the level of civic responsibility among our young people and because it is the right democratic thing to do.”


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