Lyttle encourages EU citizens to vote in the coming elections

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Chris Lyttle, has given his support to the ‘Vote! You Are At Home’ campaign which aims to encourages EU citizens to register to vote and take part in the coming elections. Chris hosted an event for the campaign in Stormont on Monday.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “EU citizens and other ethnic minority communities have a right to vote in the coming elections. There is no more important way to celebrate diversity, welcome people and move forward collectively than to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote in elections and be part of the democratic decision making process.

“The ‘Vote! You Are At Home’ campaign will be distributing materials to help community organisations and volunteers to help EU citizens to register, participate in elections and vote.

“Many EU citizens play a valuable role in our workforce and are making a vital contribution to our society, but many have not taken up their right to vote. I hope this campaign will encourage more people to get registered, get voting and get represented in Northern Ireland.”


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