Lyttle – Employment Minister is looking to deliver local solutions over employment law

Alliance Employment and Learning spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has prasied the Employment and Learning Minister for initiating a review of employment laws. The Minister has launched a consultation around issues including redundancy rules and employment disputes. The consultation is due to close on the 5th November.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I would like to commend the Employment Minister for seeking to ensure that our employment laws balance the need of both employers and employees.

“While he has sought to follow developments in Westminister, we are the only part of the UK where employment law is devolved and the Minister wants Northern Ireland to lead on this issue. This is an Alliance Minister taking the initiative, who is seeking to make devolution work by developing local solutions in our best interests.

“I would encourage all the relevant groups to take part in the consultation and help the Minister shape the best possible employment laws for Northern Ireland.”


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