Lyttle: Education Authority must back apologies with actions

Alliance education spokesperson Chris Lyttle has said any apologies from the Education Authority are of limited value while cuts to nursery hours remain in place.

The Vice Chair of the Education Committee was speaking after a robust meeting with representatives from the Education Authority, at which Mr Lyttle said the organisation’s behaviour to date had been ‘unacceptable, inconsistent, and contradictory’.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “Parents will remain wary of the Education Authority and its review of this matter, whilst an interim proposal to reduce provision at six schools remain in place. The organisation must move to rebuild trust by rapidly establishing its proposed principals’ and parents’ engagement groups.

“It is unacceptable that families, supported by over 6,000 people who signed the petition I submitted yesterday, remain uncertain as to the nature of the special education nursery provision their children will be offered for September 2016.

“The Education Authority has stated that unprecedented demand is a key challenge, however it must urgently explore solutions that increase rather than reduce nursery hours for children with special educational needs.”

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