Lyttle concerns over Social Investment Fund launch

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle, also Deputy Chair of the OFMdFM Committee, has welcomed the consultation on the Social Investment Fund, but expressed his concern for the manner in which the initiative was launched.

Alliance MLA, Chris Lyttle said: “I welcome additional resources that will help tackle unemployment, deprivation, and dereliction, as these are urgent issues we must address.

“The lack of notification about the launch of the scheme, to the OFMdFM Assembly Committee and other MLAs, has however done little to address concerns regarding the transparency of this initiative. It is crucial that there is strong co-ordination across government departments in order to maximise the outcomes for local communities from this fund.

“Alliance will respond constructively to this consultation as we want to ensure the Assembly moves decisively to tackle unemployment and deprivation, however, it is vital that its governance arrangements, such as the area steering groups, which will manage the distribution of the fund, are appointed in a fair, open and inclusive manner.”


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