Dickson says NI Water must answer questions on profit

Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said the public will want assurances that NI Water infrastructure has been improved enough to withstand freezing conditions after news of an increase in their profit. In 2010 their profit was £57m and it has increased to £80m.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “People will want answers as to whether enough money has been invested in infrastructure to prevent another water crisis in future.

“This is a significantly increased profit from the previous year and the public will want assurances that adequate funding has been provided to ensure NI Water infrastructure can cope with freezing conditions.

“It is also crucial that NI Water, having invested in new communications structures, ensure they will deliver swift access to vital information on the water supply. NI Water have questions to answer on these issue and they must not be found wanting.

“It is vital that NI Water have in place the infrastructure and communication mechanisms to cope with all eventualities, as there must never be a repeat of the scenes of last winter.”


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