Lyttle calls for Translink to attend Assembly Committee to discuss fare increases

The Assembly Regional Development Committee has agreed to a request from Alliance Regional Development spokesperson, Chris Lyttle MLA, that Translink, DRD officials and the Consumer Council be invited to attend a future meeting of the Committee to respond to a rise in bus and rail fares which took effect this week.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “Alliance are long term supporters of public transport and believe we should be doing more to encourage more people to use active and sustainable forms of transport.

“Many people will have been concerned by the increase in Translink fares that took effect this week. Consumers will have seen prices drop at the petrol pump and in their utility bills, and will find it difficult to understand why Translink have increased their prices.

“There is an urgent need for Translink to be more open and transparent with their decisions especially around fare prices, which is why I requested that they attend the Regional Development Committee, along with DRD officials and the Consumer Council.

“While I acknowledge that all Departments and agencies will have to make difficult decisions in light of severe financial pressures, but there is still a need for organisations such as Translink to explain their decisions.

“Our public transport fares continue to be among the lowest in these islands, but we must ensure that customers get value for money.”


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