Lyttle brands cut in cycle and bus budgets ‘scandalous’

Alliance Environment Spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has branded scandalous the level of cuts in the cycle budget for Northern Ireland between 2008-10. The Department of Regional Development has cut the cycle budget by 92% in the period 2008-2010. He also expressed annoyance that the DRD bus capital expenditure budget has been decreased by 17% the same period. He expressed fears that the situation could get much worse with the cuts which have been announced through the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “These cuts were nothing short of scandalous. We want to build a sustainable society. We want to reduce emissions. We want to reduce congestion. Cuts like this create a massive barrier to addressing these issues.

“The Department for Regional Development seriously needs to re-examine its spending priorities because these figures basically say they put car drivers way ahead of everyone else. This sent out a terrible message about government’s attitude to sustainability.

“I know we are facing serious cuts across the board and I am deeply worried that the situation could get much worse for cycling and bus budgets.

“Reducing the bus capital expenditure budget by 17% was also deeply perplexing and does not reflect positively on Northern Ireland.

“Given people are facing tough times, buses and cycling are a low cost means of transport these reductions are very bizarre and we need to turn these figures around to boost these areas as soon as possible.”


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