Lyttle – Audit report shows major failings

Alliance vice Chair of the OFMDFM Committee, Chris Lyttle MLA has stated that the Audit Office report into the accounts of OFMDFM has shown some major fallings in how central Department hands out money and carries out tenders

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “This report shows that there are some major failings in OFMDFM. In this day of cutbacks we need to make sure that money is being spent wisely.

“But the NI Audit Office has deemed a number of payments by OFMDFM to be irregular and highlighted the fact that even the Department of Finance would not release money for some payments due to their concerns.

“We are trying to make the Assembly and Executive as open and transparent as possible but the actions of OFMDFM in making these irregular payments will not install confidence to the public.

“These payments are at best a school boy error but at worse major budgetary failings.

“There will be an emergency meeting of the OFMDFM Committee next Wednesday, I will be looking to scrutinise these errors and seek assurances that structures have been put in place to avoid any repeats of these irregularities.”


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