Boyle shocked at bonfire incident which left young boy with severe burns

Local Alliance Coleraine Councillor and social worker Yvonne Boyle has expressed her shock at an incident on Thursday in which a young boy was pushed into a fire near a bonfire in Ballysally. The 7 year old boy suffered severe burns to his back.

Cllr Yvonne Boyle: “This was a shocking and deplorable attack on a young boy. I am very concerned about the actions and intentions of the youths who carried out this attack.

“I hope that this boy is able to get over what must have been a traumatic incident and will be able to make a recovery from his injuries.

“We must do more to teach our children and young people the dangers of lit fires and the need to be safe around them.”

“If anybody has any information about this attack then they should contact the police.”


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