Lyttle appalled at spate of East Belfast attacks

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Chris Lyttle, has condemned a series of attacks that took place in East Belfast on Tuesday night. Paint was thrown at St Anthony’s Church on Woodstock Road. Stones, bottles and paint was thrown at Willowfield Police Station, which was petrol bombed on Sunday night. A community organisation on Isthmus Street was petrol bombed. The PSNI say the attacks may be linked.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I am shocked and appalled at the wanton violence that has taken place at several locations in East Belfast. There can be no justification for any of these mindless attacks that should be condemned by all.

“Those responsible have no regards for the damage they are doing to the local community.

“If anybody has any information about these incidents then I would urge them to contact the Police.”


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