Long challenges parties to return to talks

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has challenged the Government to ensure those who walked out on all-party talks return to the table as soon as possible.

Alliance MP Mrs Long was speaking during Northern Ireland Questions in the House of Commons today (Wednesday), where she asked what was being done by the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) to bring back the DUP and UUP, who left discussions on dealing with the past following a determination from the Parades Commission that placed restrictions on an Orange Order march in North Belfast.

“I was told the NIO would do everything in its power to bring the parties together in order to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Northern Ireland,” said Mrs Long.

“However, this issue goes deeper than that, and takes in our past as well as our future. In order to deal with the issue of the past in a comprehensive way, we require momentum and that involves the parties sitting down to discuss and reach decisions on a number of areas.

“That will not happen if certain parties decide to act irresponsibly by leaving talks designed to create a solution to the impasses we are facing. The victims who have suffered deserve nothing less than all parties being fully committed to the process.”


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