Lunn welcomes planning permission for redevelopment of Maze site

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn has welcomed the granting of planning permission for the redevelopment of the Maze site.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “The redevelopment process of the Maze site has faced many delays over several years, so I welcome the decision to grant planning permission for this project.

“Despite the controversy, this has the potential to be a major tourist attraction and information centre, much as other redundant prison sites such Alcatraz, Robben Island and Kilmainham have become.

“By having a peace building and conflict transformation centre, we can have a focal point for all those who wish to visit Northern Ireland to learn about our peace process, as well as being a valuable information source for students.

“This should provide a central location for all the expertise we have built up in peace building, especially in our community and voluntary sector.

“There has been an increasing interest in this redevelopment and with the granting of planning permission I hope that the development can move ahead to satisfy this interest.”


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