Lunn selected by Alliance to run in Lagan Valley in Assembly election

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has been selected to stand in the forthcoming Assembly election in Lagan Valley and he has voiced his pride at being given the chance to seek to represent the people of Lagan Valley again.

Trevor Lunn said “I am very proud to have been selected by Alliance to stand once again in Lagan Valley in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

“I have had the honour of serving the people of Lagan Valley at Stormont since 2007. Alliance offers a fresh approach towards a genuine shared future in contrast those who advocate the failed politics of segregation and division.

“Alliance has always been constructive and pragmatic in our agenda. Our team at Stormont and within Lagan Valley strive to make devolution work for everyone. We do not pay mere lip service to the issues that we believe need to be tackled head on to move our society forward. Alliance understands that the public want delivery on the ground and will no longer tolerate parties fighting between themselves as jobs are being lost around the country.

“I have been frustrated by the slow pace of progress on the Maze redevelopment and the John Lewis public inquiry to name but two of the signature projects that Lagan Valley residents should now be benefitting from in the midst of the current economic gloom. I will ensure that economic development through tackling the costs of division is our top priority in the next Assembly.

“The public are rightly disillusioned with politics and I can understand why, but Alliance is providing the one beacon of hope here, with the election of Naomi Long to Westminster and David Ford as Northern Ireland’s first local Justice Minister in nearly four decades. We will continue to show leadership and be positive and constructive for the good of everyone in Northern Ireland .”

Lagan Valley Alliance Chair Stephen Martin commented: “I am delighted that Trevor Lunn has been selected again to carry the Alliance flag in next year’s Assembly elections in Lagan Valley . Trevor has illustrated through his excellent service since 2007 that he can bring people together and reach consensus in tackling serious issues.”


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