Lunn says Ruane’s shaky interim plan must now go to Assembly

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has expressed concern about Caitríona Ruane’s interim plan on the transfer issue saying that it will create problems for parents, pupils and teachers.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Are primary schools there to prepare pupils for a test or teach the revised curriculum? Is this really just an interim measure or will it be made permanent, and become the worst possible compromise?

“We need to see the full proposals, but what has been leaked pleases nobody. It seems that the Minister remains committed to the end of selection, as does Alliance, but these proposals put the decision back three years.

“One thing about these proposals is totally clear – they must be voted on by the Assembly, because no scrutiny means bad decisions. Just look at the mess that the DUP and Sinn Fein made of the Victims Commission issue because of a lack of scrutiny. The people of Northern Ireland will not settle for another mess like that.”


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