Lunn says investing in public transport will deliver positive change

Alliance Party Regional Development Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has called on the Minister of Regional Development to rebalance the transport budget to ensure more emphasis is placed on improving public transport.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “We need to start re-balancing our transport budget to put more emphasis on public transport. Northern Ireland is far behind much of the rest of Europe in relation to the proportion of transport funding being spent on buses and trains.

“We must start trying to persuade people out of their cars and onto buses and trains. It makes sense not just in terms of protecting our environment, but also in trying to improve our infrastructure. To attract more business and tourists to Northern Ireland and maximise potential in these sectors we need to provide enhanced public transport.

“Investing in our public transport infrastructure will deliver positive results in the long-term, attracting more people to use improved services and reducing congestion on our roads.

“Given the difficult economic times we are currently in, we need to invest in a Green New Deal-style approach. We need to grasp the opportunities that exist on sustainability and the green economy. Improving public transport is an important component of this exciting new approach.”


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