Lo calls on Stranmillis College to work with community

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has called on Stranmillis College to listen to residents of Cleaver Avenue and close the Cleaver Gate of their premises that opens on the street because students are causing problems in relation to noise disturbance and vehicle access in the area. Student halls are located in the college and Anna Lo has called on the college to ensure that the front gate is used as the access point. The number of residential students at Stranmillis College has practically doubled in the past year and Anna Lo said that the College should ensure that the back gate is only used in emergencies.

Anna Lo MLA said: “People in the area have had to put up with so much in terms of noise and restrictions to access, and I would like to see Stranmillis College listen to the concerns of local residents.

“Many students are parking in the street and residents do not want vehicle access being restricted in case emergency services vehicles would have problems travelling down the street. There is free parking for students on campus and I would encourage them to use that parking area.

“On Friday, I visited residents of Cleaver Avenue and they are concerned that their voice has not been heard on this. This is a problem that could be resolved by a simple measure, closing this gate, and I hope that the College will respond positively to our request. There is already one other full-time access point at the front of the college which can be used instead.

“We have addressed problems of this nature in other areas like the Holylands and I would like to see Stranmillis College adopting a responsive approach similar to that of Queens University and University of Ulster on this issue.

“I am going to request a meeting with the College’s Principal Dr Anne Heaslett so that residents can express their concerns and hopefully see some positive change.”


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