Lunn says hoax alert disruption is disgrace

Following a hoax security alert outside New Barnsley police station during which about 100 families were forced to leave their homes, Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said alerts cause massive disruptions and called on people to act responsibly because incidents of this nature are despicable. Army bomb experts carried out several controlled explosions on a car abandoned outside the police station and police said nothing was found.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Hoax alerts like this cause real annoyance and those behind such irresponsible actions must wise up. Northern Ireland has moved forward to a better future and people are very annoyed at the disruption caused by alerts.

“Disruption of this nature is despicable and is terrible for communities. It can have a very negative impact on people trying to get on with their everyday lives and can also impact on businesses if roads are closed.”


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